Start on the path to brand excellence with effective goal setting

Calibrate your brand goals based on financial objectives and spending.

Lock in achievable goals and course correct for success.

Get early alerts to see if your brand in on track, at risk, or needs attention.

Identify where your brand stands today on the metrics that matter.
Let BERA help you understand more about where your brand stands today to help set realistic goals for future brand growth.
Let AI determine the realistic boundaries for your brand’s growth.

Input your goals based on how much you’re willing to invest to see the odds of achieving your brand growth ambitions.

Set your goals and track them, then course correct in real-time as needed.
Monitor progress towards your goals over time and instantly course correct when needed with real-time data about your brand health.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.


Bridging the Marketing-Finance Divide

Learn how to connect your brand investments to your financial results by bridging the marketing-finance divide.


Learn the answers to the most common goal setting questions.
One of the best ways to assess your brand growth is to look at competitors of the same size in the same industry. Your BERA Score will simplify this by giving you and your competitors a numerical value of the success of your brand.
BERA can help you understand what aspects of your brand are working and what aspects aren’t. Whether you’re lacking awareness, personalization, emotional connection, or something else, BERA will assess you with hundreds of success measurements you can use to understand your goals.
It helps to have the data and analytics to measure and maximize your growth. Your BERA score can tell you where you are currently, and our proprietary predictive technology will take the guesswork out of branding and let you know what your growth ceiling is.
Various aspects of brand goal setting include identifying a target audience, setting a timeline to reach your goals, outlining a purpose or vision for your goals, and improving perception or brand image within your industry.
You can use your overall marketing goals and strategies to create specific branding goals. If part of your marketing goals is to boost customer loyalty, you can integrate that into your brand goal-setting objectives.