Track the right metrics to increase your brand’s value

Learn new ways to track your brand with BERA to increase revenue and the value of your brand by focusing on the “right” metrics.

Stop getting burned on vanity metrics

Measure metrics that have been independently validated to drive business performance and financial outcomes.

Choose from 130+ metrics to measure your brand and your competition.
Let BERA help you discover which metrics are most important to maximize the return on investment in building your brand.
Continuously assess your brand against 4,000+ brands from around the world.
Identify trends inside and outside of your category to help distinguish signal from noise so you can drive the right outcomes.
Quantify and explain brand equity changes to identify opportunities.
Understand what is driving changes in your brand equity, how that affects the value of your brand, and how to efficiently course correct.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.


Industry Insight: Bridging the Marketing-Finance Divide

Learn how to connect your brand investments to your financial results by bridging the marketing-finance divide.


Your BERA Score is the most important number to understand your brand equity. Not only does it give you one quantifiable measure for your brand equity, it breaks down your score based on more than 130 key metrics and attributes, like uniqueness, inclusiveness, and more.

The BERA Score gives you unique insights not just to your own brand, but to the competition in your category and even North Star brands outside your category. Brand tracking helps you measure your performance against your competitors over time and compare your benchmarks.
BERA’s proprietary technology uses consistent and real-time hard data to show the impact of your brand on financial performance. You can use BERA’s predictive brand technology to take the guessing game out of branding and stay on top of the competition.
Your brand is always on. Whether you’re making big moves to promote your brand or taking a hands-off approach, your brand equity is constantly changing. Tap into your BERA Score to see where your brand is headed and prepare for what’s to come.