Connect with your most valuable audiences: those who love your brand and are open to it—and suppress rejectors and detractors. BERA Audiences offers the most accurate datasets, built on 10 years of historical data from 4,000 brands across 200 sectors and 130 metrics.


BERA gathers detailed behavioral and attitudinal demographics, focusing on consumer-brand relationships, to create comprehensive audience profiles.


Utilizing advanced technology, BERA generates lookalike audiences based on collected data, enhancing campaign targeting and ad spend effectiveness.


BERA collaborates with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to execute targeted media campaigns, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Refine your media strategy with superior data and insights.

Each year, BERA generates 1.9B data points in the US, matching individuals to the census. We are the only provider offering real-time direct measurement of not only brand and behavior preferences but also competitor and category purchase behavior. Our metrics have been independently validated by Forrester, Harvard Business Review, Fortuna Advisors, and leading Marketing Mix Modelling specialists for their connection to business outcomes.

Elevate your targeting strategy by pinpointing high-converting audiences.

Leveraging our in-depth consumer attitudinal and behavioral data, our modeling process goes beyond algorithms to pinpoint audiences with the highest propensity to buy. By analyzing customer and non-customer data, we identify lucrative segments such as brand loyalists and brand switchers, prospects and winback customers, and the unawares. Importantly, can also suppress relevant audiences such as rejectors and brand detractors. This precision ensures that your campaigns reach the most receptive audiences, maximizing return on media ad spend.

Amplify ROI of media spend with precise targeting.

Using our extensive data analysis, BERA collaborates with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Data-Side Platforms (DSPs) to create highly targeted lookalike audiences. These segments go beyond demographics, incorporating brand and category preferences such as brand sentiment and purchase intent. This detailed approach empowers brands to target audiences with the highest ROI and those most likely to convert, surpassing conventional targeting strategies and accelerating funnel velocity.

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Find your best potential customers easily with BERA Audiences.

With our meticulously curated and regularly updated audience data, we empower you to launch highly effective advertising campaigns, attracting new customers. Our commitment to privacy and security ensures that your ads target the right audience segments online, maximizing reach and impact.

Combining BERA’s visibility into brand relationships with the deep behavioral data from Omni, we will be able to provide all our clients a holistic direction of media investment and strategies – one that will be able to factor in the role that ‘brand love’ has in driving business results.

Chief Analytics Officer, PhD Media, Omnicon Media Group

The BERA platform offers brands a visionary approach to gauge the impact of their Media and Creative on business outcomes, bridging the gap between CMO and CFO by establishing a unified framework for measuring brand performance.

SVP Data Strategy, Publicis