Make smarter marketing investments with better audience prioritization

Learn which audiences will give you the best return on your marketing investments.

Use your strengths to build for the future

Prioritize the highest ROI audiences today to fund the investments required to grow your business tomorrow.

Define the audiences you want to evaluate to grow your brand.
Pick from a wide array of metrics to define your audience based on demographics, loyalty, location, and more.
Review AI-generated scenarios to see economic profiles of each audience.
Understand the economics of growing your brand with each audience: revenue and value growth, investment required, and ROI.
Prioritize audiences based on your business objectives to grow your brand.
Evaluate how your economic objectives, investment constraints, and risk appetite impact which audiences to prioritize.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.


Bridging the Marketing-Finance Divide

Learn how to connect your brand investments to your financial results by bridging the marketing-finance divide.


While you won’t likely be able to appeal to every target market with the same campaign, you can try to create branding strategies that appeal to the top two or three target audiences on your list.

Using predictive branding technology, like BERA, will open you up to predictive analytics and real time recommendations for brand position, resource allocation, audience insights, and more.

The most successful marketing strategies create meaningful and emotional connections that uphold an organization’s mission statement, purpose, and position in an industry or community. Identify target audiences that align most with your brand and greater cause or position in your industry.

In theory, this approach sounds great. But if you try appealing to everyone, it’s likely you aren’t going to resonate with any segments of the population in a meaningful or compelling way.

Accessing real-time analytics of millions of data points helps you predict future sentiment of your brand, so you can pivot and maintain your brand’s relevance.

BERA’s brand tracking feature gives you quarterly reports so you can assess the efficacy of your past and current audience prioritization efforts.