How to create an inclusive brand that advocates and empowers the consumer.

One for all and all for one; inclusive brands are the rallying cry for a welcoming world where any and everyone feels included and valued. Inclusive brands celebrate what makes us unique and special and gladly accommodate consumers with a myriad of options not commonly found in the marketplace. This is part 2 in the BERA […]

Brand Management Maturity Model

What role does brand really play in your organization? Is it at the center of all strategic and tactical decisions – from product development to campaign planning and even company culture? Or, do you find that it’s siloed within the four walls of your marketing and customer insights teams? While some organizations associate “brand” with a logo […]

How to use brand positioning to carve out a competitive edge

Brand positioning 101

What makes your brand unique? Why do you believe it stands out against the tens, hundreds, even thousands of options out there? You may have all the right answers to this question, but if you don’t have a compelling brand positioning that helps connect those dots for consumers, well, your efforts (and investments) may fall […]

Why NPS can’t be your North Star brand metric

Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS: We all know it, we all use it and we all (mostly) love it. I understand why: it’s a reliable and consistent way to gauge current customers’ satisfaction. Most of all, it provides a great benchmark to help your team identify and prioritize improvements to products and services. […]

How to create a reliable brand that consumers depend on to increase demand and revenue.

Reliable brands engender trust, and trust increases marketing receptiveness and loyalty. That loyalty will boost customer advocacy, brand reputation, and in turn, your profits. So by focusing on being reliable, you are really focusing on increasing demand and revenue. Consumers are creatures of habit and live in their comfort zone.  This is part 3 in […]

5 ways marketing leaders are connecting brand equity to value

What do Ben & Jerry’s, Apple and Adidas YEEZY have in common? If you’re struggling to connect the dots, I have two words for you: brand equity. David Aaker, the “Father of Modern Branding,” defines brand equity¹ as: “A way to describe the value of having a recognized brand, based on the idea that firmly established and […]

How to create an up-to-date brand that continuously gets consumer attention.

Humans are curious beings, and everyone is attracted to the latest and greatest; an up-to-date brand delivers a product and experience that makes buyers feel they are getting their money’s worth and showcases excitement and innovation in their brand presence. Up-to-date brands are leaders in their category. They show up culturally and contextually–they understand what’s […]

How layoffs are impacting Brand Love for Netflix

Netflix – whose name is almost at a verb status – was the fastest growing American brand of 2019¹, but today, the brand faces ongoing criticism from consumers voicing their concerns on social media over how the platform is failing to meet their expectations; from failing to renew popular series to reversing their position on shared passwords, […]

The Future of AI & Personalization Summit featuring Brand Innovators, MetLife and BERA

I recently had the opportunity to host a fireside chat with Jordi Sangil, Global Head of Performance Analytics, MetLife, at the Brand Innovators Future of AI & Personalization Summit in NYC. The event’s purpose was to bring together global marketing leaders to discuss how AI and machine learning are helping brand marketers target and connect with their […]

Brand purpose: What it is and why brands need it

Brand Purpose: What it is and why all brands need it Your brand’s purpose is more than a mission statement. It should not be fueled by jargon and oozing with marketing speak. Brand purpose fully reflects how your brand – and all of its people – show up in the world. Now more than ever, […]