Reach your brand goals faster with flexible support

Partner with BERA and you choose the support you want, whether it’s self-serve, full-serve, or something in between.

Stand apart from your competition.

Go beyond outdated market research and high-priced consultants. BERA’s team of experts will show you how to decode customer and non-customer perceptions at scale.

Evaluate your KPIs and chart a course to measure and achieve your brand goals.

Look at your brand against direct competitive brands, brands outside of your category, and North Star brands to gain inspiration.

Discover how to activate the right positioning with each audience by identifying how your brand performs across different demographic groups and geographies.

Use people, product, price, promotion, and place to evaluate and map actionable areas to drive your brand forward.

Our team ensures you reach your brand goals, no matter what.

Self-serve options.
Intuitive software and in-app support is plenty for some BERA customers.
  • 24/7 in-app support to answer common questions
  • Contextual multi-media instructions and inspirational examples
Dedicated account team​.

Rely on a customer success team and data analysts who know you and are committed to helping you achieve your brand goals.

  • Partner with your team on how to achieve business objectives
  • Ongoing collaboration to monitor and review brand growth
Professional services.

Get a deeper understanding of your brand with optional professional services.

  • Benefit from specialized marketing, brand, management, and research expertise
  • Custom activation sessions available online or in-person
  • Partner with your business to develop a brand growth strategy

Learn how BERA customers generate 391% ROI using our Predictive Brand Technology™

BERA’s team has helped inform our marketing spend and strategy. The team at BERA has provided analysis and insight that has given us moments of pause and reflection. BERA has enhanced our team’s understanding of the impact of brand on business outcomes.

Marketing Director

Interview, with Forrester

Learn more about professional services

Take advantage of optional professional services that provide a structured framework to discover the hidden movers of your brand and a roadmap to get you there.

Use brand and data scientists to maximize your efforts

Employ insights from our professional advisors and decision scientists who are experts in marketing, brand management, and brand research.

Access an extensive network of brand experts to do more in less time

Gain access to a world-class advisory network to expand your team's knowledge, follow best practices, and reach your goals faster.

Unify brand efforts by connecting data across all brand initiatives

Integrate brand data with support from BERA's professional services into MediaMixModeling, ad testing, IC, Wall Street reporting, and more.

Let's grow your brand together.

Branding resources


BERA supports our customers in a variety of mediums. All customers receive robust documentation, access to BERA’s FAQ and video library, email support, and thought leadership content. Customers of the BERA Explorer receive a dedicated Principal Account Director, responsible for guiding you to the successes that inspired your subscription.

In short, BERA data, metrics, and framework work together to help you understand the drivers of your brand equity. We measure perceptions of your brand through more than 100 metrics and provide clarity on which perceptions are the most impactful drivers of brand equity so you know exactly what it takes to improve your relationship with consumers.

BERA customer success is dedicated to helping your team help themselves using their BERA solution set. Our Principal Account Directors provide routine coaching to Explorer subscribers. BERA Advisors, our professional services arm, may be able to provide a solution for you if you require more intensive support.