The Future of Brand Management

Join BERA x Forrester as they discuss why leading brands must adopt a predictive brand strategy if they want to thrive in our seemingly unpredictable world. 

Watch on-demand as Forrester Analyst Dipanjan Chatterjee, and Ryan Barker, CEO at BERA engage in an open conversation on the current state of brand marketing and the challenges of building brand relationships.

In a world where products are highly-commoditized and brands face fierce competition, consumers are thinking about where they spend their hard-earned money-often craving a sense of purpose to maintain a connection with their go-to brands. 

The outdated playbooks we’ve all become accustomed to no longer suffice. Instead, marketing leaders must now lean into predictive brand data if they want to understand their consumers intimately and uncover the secrets of their brand positioning to generate more brand loyalty, brand equity, and ultimately, Brand Love.