The power of brand equity and why it matters.

Maximize your brand equity

No one questions the price of Tesla or Apple. That’s the value of brand equity, but do you know how to measure and scale your share to drive significant financial impact? Watch this on-demand webinar to get actionable, trending insights. 

Join an incredible panel of marketer leaders who are building brand equity in some of the world’s most influential brands. This on-demand webinar is hosted by Jim Stengel, ex-CMO Procter & Gamble, and Jessica Baum, SVP, Product Marketing at BERA, with the purpose of providing marketers with actionable insights to drive financial impact in your organization.


Meet the speakers:

  • Michelle McAlister, Sr. Director of Marketing at PepsiCo
  • Garrett McGuire, Director of Marketing at Merrell
  • Joe Pagano, VP Marketing Solutions Consulting at Neustar
  • Janu Lakshmanan, Principal Account Director at BERA