The Wharton School’s Professor Cait Lamberton hosts BERA’s Jeffrey Peacock and Kraig Schulz for a session on brand equity prediction and the transformation of equity-linked brand valuation into a managerially-relevant indicator for modern brand management organizations.

PHILADELPHIA — Widely recognized for its leading reputation in business and finance education, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania welcomed BERA with an invitation to lead a session on ‘next gen’ Brand Valuation for 500 of its Marketing 101 students. Professor Cait Lamberton introduced the intent and value (and gaps) inherent in legacy approaches, teeing up BERA to showcase its Brand to Business(TM) breakthroughs. BERA proceeded to demonstrate how only the right framework, automations, and carefully-calibrated data make it possible to predict the business value impacts of brand strategy choices before they become decisions. Professor Lamberton says,

“Developing a valuation that’s both sensitive to and relevant for the psychology of the consumer, market dynamics, and managerial decision-making has, to this point, been beyond the capacity of black box brand metrics and rankings. BERA’s AI-driven approach doesn’t only explode the black box. Rather, it delineates brand management as an open and transparent space, bright with practical possibility and informed by predictive power.”

Thrilled at this opportunity to share its breakthroughs with the next generation of business leaders, BERA looks ahead to expanding collaborative opportunities with The Wharton School.