Maximize the impact of your brand’s creative ads and concepts

Ensure your advertising creative engages your audience in ways that build the most important drivers of equity for your brand.

Boost the right positioning metrics with the right ads to the right audiences

Optimize creative development and post-production advertising investments.

Measure in real-time the explicit and implicit responses to your creative.​
See how well your advertising engages and influences different audiences to support your brand’s positioning and equity.
Optimize and refine your creative execution by analyzing your ad frame by frame.
Find moments that captivate your audience and shift perceptions of your brand from the early stages of content development through final cut.
Use results to determine which ads to invest in for your target audiences.
Understand in 24 hours if your ad is worth the investment. Ensure your ad makes your brand stand out and creates an enduring, positive perception with your audience.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.



Creative/concept optimization is a great way to improve your scale and efficiency. You can outdo the competition automating your ad distribution for different regions and customers.

Refer to your KPIs when determining your goals and objectives. This will give you a set of benchmarks and metrics to measure throughout your campaign timeline.

Monitor your performance throughout the campaign. Are certain ads outperforming others? How do specific ads resonate with specific audiences against others? If you take a proactive approach to monitoring your efforts, you can make adjustments as you go.

You need to create a flexible brief and template to make adjustments in the middle of your campaign. Your template should be able to accommodate different layouts, typographies, branding imagery, and more.