The Power of Brand Equity and Why It Matters.

Unlock the power of brand equity

Tesla fans don’t balk at the price of its vehicles. Longtime Apple users will eagerly wait in line for the latest iPhone. Loyal Nike customers will happily deck themselves (and their friends).

Why? They have strong brand purpose and values that resonate with fans profoundly and meaningfully. They resonate so much that they engender loyalty and drive tangible financial impact for their business; this is the value of brand equity.

What’s inside? 

BERA SVP of Product Marketing, Jessica Baum, sat down with leading marketers responsible for growing some of the most influential brands to ask how they leverage brand equity to drive significant business impact.

In this industry insight, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Balance brand marketing and performance marketing
  • Focus on tangible business impact, not just vanity metrics
  • Leverage brand equity to reduce spending and maximize ROI
  • Predictive analytics to gauge consumers’ current Brand Love
  • Explain the company-wide value of brand equity