Getting brand strategy metrics right

Getting brand strategy metrics right.

Most CMOs and their CEOs would agree that brand equity is a valuable corporate asset because it contributes to revenue growth, margin, and stability that would otherwise not materialize. If so, growing brand equity with a high ROI should be the governing objective of brand strategy. This requires a brand measurement system that gets brand […]

Getting brand ROI metrics right

Getting brand ROI metrics right.

Most business leaders agree that brand equity is a thing, having a lot of it is an even better thing, and it makes sense to invest in it. If they forget, numerous rankings of “the world’s most valuable brands” come around every year to remind them. But brand owners struggle to quantify the true return […]

Getting brand equity metrics right

Getting brand equity right.

In 1991, almost 60 years after P&G introduced the practice of “brand management,” David Aaker published Managing Brand Equity. He defined brand equity as “the commercial value derived from consumer perception of the brand name of a particular product or service, rather than from the product or service itself.” Marketers loved this because it made […]

Getting brand measurement right

Getting brand measurement right.

In 1931, P&G executive Neil McElroy wrote an internal memorandum that launched “brand management” as a corporate practice. Because “you manage what you measure,” the practice of brand management inevitably led to brand measurement. This is commonly known as brand tracking. Today, almost a century after McElroy’s memo, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent […]