How Predictive Brand Technology generates millions in incremental revenue, marketing cost savings, and efficiencies

How world class brands generate a massive return on brand investments.

Watch on-demand as Byron Ramirez, consultant at Forrester, and Ryan Barker, CEO of BERA, discuss the results of BERA’s recent Forrester Total Economic Impact Study. You’ll hear how several of the world’s leading global brands generated a 391% ROI on their investment using Predictive Brand Technology and how they:

  • Increased attributable net profit from brand growth
  • Realized cost savings from eliminating other solutions
  • Increased productivity from marketing efficiencies
  • Tracked their own brand and brands inside and outside their category to proactively assess opportunities
Ryan Barker


Byron Ramirez
Forrester Consultant, Total Economic Impact
Jes Baum
SVP Product Marketing, BERA