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Integrate brand into your highest-priority use cases

Solve your most common brand management challenges by tapping into better insights and context from more than 4,000+ global brands so your teams can accomplish all your brand initiatives with confidence.

Identify core factors of your brand’s DNA, know what to prioritize, and how to increase revenue and value over time.

Connect with your most valuable audiences: those who love your brand and are open to it—and suppress rejectors and detractors.

Build a winning positioning strategy focusing on the right drivers to grow mindshare, consideration, and loyalty.

Test and measure how effectively advertising delivers the proper engagements to influence minds and drive consumers towards your brand.

Understand the relationship different audiences have with your brand, pricing elasticity, and probability of winning brand consideration and loyalty with different target segments.

Discover which metrics will drive the greatest growth potential and adjust allocation to achieve short- and long-term growth goals.  

Calibrate brand to financial objectives and spend by decomposing tactical efforts to understand which components move the needle.

Partner evaluation

Prioritize and de-risk partnership decisions by knowing which relationships close gaps, reinforce strengths, and deliver the best return.

Brand valuation

Gain visibility into the metrics driving brand growth and track contribution to revenue and value over time.

Use brand tracking to build your business, and save money.

Exclusive big brand data, predictive metrics, advanced analytics, brand-to-business™ causality, inspiration–all automated and available day one. 

Productivity gained from increasing marketing efficiency

  • Align marketing spend with the most effective brand positioning strategies.
  • Target marketing spend on audiences with the highest growth potential.
  • Eliminate spend on low-potential audiences to improve overall ROI.

Increased profits from faster brand growth

  • Grow brand, reposition campaigns, and target high ROI audiences.
  • Optimize brand positioning for maximum growth impact.
  • Understand brand traits, consumer perceptions, and enhance performance

Cost savings from eliminating prior solutions

  • Stop tracking metrics that don't drive significant brand impact.
  • Minimize redundant research to save time and resources.
  • Redeploy resources to high-value activities for increased productivity and better effectiveness.

Connect brand investments to financial results with BERA's brand-to-business™ analytics.

Finally understand and report on the financial impact brand investments have on short- and long-term business value. Manage and mitigate risks by assessing and forecasting predictive scenarios to understand which strategies will drive the most significant lift in revenue and enterprise value.

Connect brand investments to financial results.

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