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Improve your ROI through optimized investment levels and allocation across media channels.

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BERA will you help prioritize which equity, positioning, and activation metrics are best to include in your MMM.

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Justify your brand’s contributions to your business in a rigorous way and enhance your ROI across media channels.

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Industry Insight: Bridging the Marketing-Finance Divide

Learn how to connect your brand investments to your financial results by bridging the marketing-finance divide.


Integrating your brand equity metrics is the key to making better media allocation decisions.

You can optimize MMM to cater to your unique needs, whether that’s sales, brand equity, revenue, engagement, or something else.

We work with and can recommend a number of industry-leading solutions for MMM and multi-touch attribution solutions.

Marketing investments can, but do not always, improve brand equity. Integrating your brand equity into MMM can give you an understanding of how to drive brand and revenue simultaneously.