JUNE 12 @ 12PM ET

Mastering Data Interrogation + Unlocking The Secrets Behind Brand Metrics

What is your data telling you? It’s a question we often ask. Join BERA and industry experts as we discuss best practices for interpreting brand metrics and turning those insights into data-driven decisions that create tangible impact.

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  • Evaluate Data Reliability and Consistency:
    Enhance the credibility of your insights.
  • Distinguish Signal from Noise:
    Focus your decision-making on meaningful data trends.
  • Use Our Data Interrogation Checklist:
    Tools for evaluating your metrics’ sample size, composition, and stability.
  • Handle Metric Volatility:
    Effective strategies for managing metrics like Net Promoter Score.


  • Apply Advanced Analysis Techniques:
    Grasp the implications of hypothesis testing and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Perform Contextual Analysis:
    Gain nuanced insights by considering broader market and socio-economic factors.

This session is designed for professionals in brand marketing, consumer insights, and analytics, equipping you with accessible, powerful tools to enhance your analytical skills right in Excel.

We look forward to helping you unlock actionable strategies from your data!


Jess Baum

SVP, Product Marketing, BERA

Kraig Schulz

Chief Customer Officer, BERA


Michael Reh

Chief Data Scientist, BERA