Future of AI & Personalization Summit: MetLife & BERA Featured Fireside Chat

Discover the importance of AI & Personalization for brand marketers.

Jordi Sangil, Global Head Performance Analytics, MetLife, and BERA CMO, Scott Turner, took the stage during a fireside chat at the Brand InnovatorsFuture of AI & Personalization Summit in NYC, to discuss how Jordi and the team are leveraging data into actionable insights in a post-pandemic world. Jordi shares his experience of changing consumer preferences at MetLife, revealing how personalization and customization are no longer merely desirable in the marketing function but an essential component of success. 

From WhatsApp to WeChat in China to Kakaotalk in Korea, Jordi emphasizes how these apps were considered experimental before the pandemic and have now become a vital and expected part of marketing; highlighting the technological advancements tether their ability to target and connect with customers.