Fall Release '22

View our OnDemand Webinar to learn what the newest capabilities in brand tracking can do for your business.

In our Fall Release ‘22, we’re introducing even more features to go beyond brand tracking so your team can easily measure and maximize the brand’s contribution to business value.

Register now for a OnDemand half-hour demo led by Ryan Barker, CEO, and Marsha Shapiro, CPO of BERA, to learn how we’re revolutionizing how marketers manage brands and to see the next generation of brand management tools in action;

We’ll show you how to:

  • Grow revenue and brand value faster by identifying which audiences will drive the most significant ROI
  • Understand important engagement segments and the value of your customer and non-customer data
  • Build custom audiences to target and build consideration with the people you’re most interested in
  • Build audiences and understand their relationship with your brand across geographies with an interactive map

Ryan Barker is BERA’s founder and CEO. After 15 years in brand consultancy at WPP, Barker founded BERA to help organizations understand the impact of brand on business and maximize brand power.

Marsha Shapiro is BERA’s Chief Product Officer, chartered with designing and launching all product solutions. Before BERA, Marsha led product management and delivery teams at Nike, 4R Systems, DemandTec/IBM, and The Home Depot.