BERA's Fall Release '22

We're introducing another round of features that enable marketers to go beyond brand tracking so their teams can easily measure and maximize brand's contribution to business value.

Join us live

Tune in Thursday, November 17th at 11:30 am EST to learn how BERA is revolutionizing the way marketers manage brands and see what the next generation of brand management tools can do for your business.


Grow revenue and brand value faster by understanding which audiences will drive the greatest ROI

  • Run scenarios across audiences to understand the incremental investment required and the value you can receive
  • Discover which strategies create the highest return
  • Track progress against your chosen strategy over time


Get detailed demographic data on your target audience

  • See which audience matches your engagement segment and key demographic
  • Sort demographics within a specific category
  • Easily view data on different customers (switchers and loyals) and non-customers (unawares, rejectors, lapsed, winbacks, and prospects)

Start making smarter brand decisions, and brand with confidence.

Let us show you how Brand Explorer and Scenario Planner unlock better data and richer insights so your team can focus on the areas that improve brand health and deliver the greatest financial return.


Build custom audiences to target the people you're most interested in

  • Define criteria using engagement segments and demographics to target specific audiences
  • Use these audiences through Explorer to understand their relationship with your brand


Understand the geographical make-up of your audiences

  • Understand where different audiences are located
  • Determine geographical areas for potential growth
  • Double down on your biggest opportunities 

Discover what your team can do with the power of BERA

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Discover the ROI of BERA

Forrester Consulting recently published a study that found BERA customers experience 391% ROI and a pay-back period of less than six months. Discover what your return could be with Forrester’s interactive ROI calculator.