Stop using gut instincts to evaluate partnerships and sponsors

Use BERA to find and quantitatively evaluate partnership opportunities by putting a dollar value on the brand equity benefits you get from your partners.

Only pay for real value from your partnerships

Stop wasting money and instead focus on relationships that build value for your brand.

Understand what’s important for brand growth.
Leave behind gut feelings and use data to discover the dimensions of equity and positioning that are most crucial for growing your brand.
Identify partners that enhance your brand equity.
BERA helps you identify partners that will help you address weaknesses, reinforce strengths, reach new audiences, and enhance your brand image.
Negotiate partnership deals with confidence.
Understand the potential revenue opportunity and cost implications of each partnership to find the ones that maximize your brand’s objectives and ROI.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.


The BERA Brand Management Maturity Model

How leading marketers maximize investments to grow brand equity and measure the financial impact of brand.


Learn the answers to the most common questions when evaluating partnerships and sponsorship opportunities.

You want to partner with brands that align with your core values and can help you boost brand image, credibility, outreach potential, and brand awareness.

Influencers, celebrities, athletes, philanthropists, and cultural icons are all great–you just want to make sure they’re a good fit with your overall brand image and values.

Your BERA score can tell you how effective your branding strategy is and where to improve. If you aren’t seeing the results you want with a specific partnership or if you want to try to reach a different audience, it might be time to change your spokesperson.

Sponsors and partnerships are often mutually beneficial relationships. Reach out directly to brands, organizations, or individuals you think are a good fit. Even if you don’t get the desired outcome, you can still maintain those ties for the future.

BERA’s proprietary branding technology gives you real time numbers on the effectiveness of your branding strategies based on hundreds of measurements across 4,000+ brands.