Discover the true financial value of your brand

Use a simple, validated methodology to accurately measure the value of each brand in your portfolio with BERA’s real-time data and AI insights.

Brand valuation: simplified, validated, and trackable.

Get a sophisticated brand valuation that enables you to optimize brand's contribution to value over time—all with just two inputs and five minutes.

Input your relevant brand and financial information.
Supplement the millions of BERA data points with two of your brand’s readily available financial metrics.
Review the AI-generated results for an estimate of your brand’s value.
Receive BERA’s estimate of your company’s value, both with and without your brand’s influence.
Add brand value metrics into your brand tracking workflow.
Use BERA to find ways to increase your brand’s value including customer loyalty, new consumer segments, and competitive distinctiveness.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.


Why NPS can't be your North Star brand metric

Learn why marketers are moving away from NPS as a guiding metrics for determining brand love.


Learn the answers to the most common on brand activation.
BERA uses a specific method, which works for the vast majority of cases, to determine brand valuation.
Brand growth contributes to your business by helping you grow sales and expand your customer base, but it also directly increases the value of your business.
Brand equity is a component of increasing your brand’s value.
There are four major ways to determine your branding ROI–financial value (brand valuation), customer value (brand equity), business processes, and cultural value.