Activate your brand positioning with the right brand levers

Use BERA’s AI to prioritize the levers that boost your brands business performance and profitability, all while developing brand equity, growing your customer base, and improving the customer experience.

The best brand positionings can fail because of poor activation.

Discover where to prioritize your spend across your 5P activation levers.

Develop a positioning brief.

Identify the purpose, emotional, experiential, and functional factors that drive customer experiences and leave a lasting impression of your brand.

Determine your priority levers.

Discover which levers will give you the best ROI with our AI. Consistently focus on the best audience at the right time, instead of activating all of your levers at once.

Activate your levers.

Review your Activation Playbook to ensure every lever is aligned and delivers on their positioning.

Go beyond qualitative guesswork.


The power of brand equity and why it matters.

Read how leading marketers harness the power of brand equity to grow the world's most influential brands.


You can use brand tracking technologies, like BERA, to understand exactly where, with whom, and at which points your branding efforts are or are not working.
In addition to what we outlined above, other brand activation strategies might be to sample products, invest in experiential marketing, or invest in social media branding.
Predictive branding technology from BERA tells you where your branding weak points are. You can use that data to strategically invest in levers that will have the most impact on your brand.
Branding levers can be expensive and time-consuming. If you don’t use them strategically and with a specific goal in mind, you might not get the ROI you were aiming for.