How to create a brand that feels personal

People connect with brands when brand purpose aligns with customer values–making them feel understood and on the same page. Consumers want to feel like their needs are intuitively understood and like they belong. When a sense of personal connection is high, consumers feel more close to a brand’s purpose (distinct from a brand’s mission and vision). […]

BERA users see 391% ROI, Forrester TEI study finds

CMOs are focused on understanding new consumer behaviors and preferences, and are adapting their marketing strategies to align with how their audiences engage with different channels and devices. But marketing leaders don’t just want to create resonant campaigns; they want to invest in the channels, tactics, messages, and offers that drive the most tangible impact […]

Bridging the marketing-finance divide

Marketing and Finance: The missing link in your business strategy We’ve all heard the phrase “opposites attract.” While it may ring true when some describe their romantic lives, it is typically disproved in professional settings…especially when we consider the tenuous relationship between marketing and finance.  Think about the last time you had to justify your […]