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The CMO Podcast: Prosperity Through Purpose | Secret

  • Content: Podcast
  • Date: 05 January 2021

On this episode of Prosperity Through Purpose Jim and his guests take a look at iconic brand, Secret deodorant's brand purpose.

Secret is one of the best-known brands in the category, but the space is becoming crowded. So how is Secret staying ahead? 

Deodorant is a $3 billion category in the US and, Secret is one of the best-known brands but space is becoming crowded. With the likes of smaller brands and private labels that are offering natural and aluminum-free products, how is Secret staying ahead? (Hint: It has a lot to do with the brand's longstanding purpose).

Joining Jim to answer this question and to discuss how Secret is doing it are, Carolyn Hennessey a former P&G executive and now an independent consultant, and Jeff Peacock the President and Co-Founder at BERA  the predictive analytics brand tech platform.

Full disclosure, The Jim Stengel company is a partner and investor in BERA.